The charming French movie “The Intouchables”

The IntouchablesWhat a beautiful drama! Before seeing the movie, I thought that the movie may show how a severely handicapped old man is sad although he is remarkable rich, but my thought was totally wrong. During screening, not only did I almost forget the old man is disabled, but also I realized how wonderful his life is to have a great friend. The movie also gives the audience the caution of how bad life can be if you lose a great friendship. I really love the message of this movie, and also the amazing acting, lovely jokes, effective music and silence in the right place gives this touching story a feel-good ending. After the show, I was glad to have known that the movie is based on a true story and my heart became warm. I strongly recommend this movie to everyone who has a best friend and to those who are seeking their best friend.

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I am an international student from Japan in Los Angeles. Welcome to my frontier! :)


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