The serious superhero movie, “Man of Steel”

Man of SteelThe refreshing movie Man of steele helped me to understand Superman’s early life and infused new life into a old classic story. I have had so many questions about Superman’s secret to his power since the first movie, and this movie finally made it clear for this super fan. If Superman’s childhood was set the way this movie is promoted, the story is awesome because all of his background makes the personal trials and adversity seem more real. The life lessons are real and powerful reminders that family and individual strengths of courage and hope are timeless.  There was a tiny scene that relates to the secret of the cape, but I am still not sure of the meaning. I still sadly doubt that he just needed the cape to make him look like he was flying by himself. And also, why is the color of the uniform blue and red? because of the flag of the US? Well, I mean the secret of the cape is still a mystery………. As for action, although way too many destruction scenes of buildings, the amazing visual and special effects are definitely worth going to the movie to see.


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