The scary zombies movie “World War Z”

World War ZWho said that they could sell $50 tickets for people to view a showing of Brad Pitt’s zombie thriller? When Paramount announced it, my first thought was they knew the move will be a big hit. The crazy 50 bucks idea did not happen, but their confidence was right.

First of all, this movie benefits extremely from Brad Pitt fighting against zombies. During screening, I felt my heart pounding in my chest, my muscles were tensed, and I was alert to every sound and movement by fear. Moreover, girls behind me were crying out in horror sometimes, I got more scared listening to the screams behind me. On the other hand, there are several scenes of fear watching him slaughter countless zombies. Because watching the army shoot and kill them indiscriminately, I felt sometimes like I am watching a zombie game and killing them without emotion in order to accomplish a mission. Over all, the movie makes the audience not only scared but also entertained. The big budget movie gives you satisfaction with the right ticket price.


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I am an international student from Japan in Los Angeles. Welcome to my frontier! :)

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