The superb sci-fi movie “Elysium”

ElysiumI ask, why is bad history being repeated? 100 years into the future. Although technology is remarkably developed and people have come to live in space we would never stop the conflict for land over each other. I sadly agree with the future world that this movie drew tonight. Usually a sci-fi movie is pretty far from reality, say like Oblivion, but Elysium showed our future more closely and how we could use developing technology to separate the social classes. I was really engaged with this story, so I was thinking of our future seriously during screening.

Matt Damon and Jodie Foster did a really great job with a great story, the pictures, sounds, visual and special effects were first class. My only complaint is that the movie has too much violence, which is unnecessary. Overall, the movie totally entertains the audience from the beginning to the end with non-stop action. Definitely worth the time to see it on the big screen.


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I am an international student from Japan in Los Angeles. Welcome to my frontier! :)

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